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Comunication module for connecting any serial device to IEX network. Module is equipped with RJ9 on left and right for IEX-2 bus. RJ9 connector for RS-232 and screw terminals for RS-485. Cybro will see the serial device as a native IEX module. Protocol translation is done in firmware. Module is galvanically isolated.

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Specifications for CYBRO COM-

COM Firmware PGM - Free programmable port or MB - Modbus RTU master or PMI - Iska/Eastron power meter or EM6 - Schneider EM6400 power meter or SAT - Satcon PV inverter or SAN - Sanrex PV inverter or KAC - KACO Powador PV inverter or BON - Bonfiglioli PV interter or STU - Studer PV inverter and BMS or BAT - Generic battery adapter or BCM - A123 Systems battery controller or LIS - Lishen battery management system
COM Hardware COM-232/485 or COM-232 or COM-485 or COM-CAN